A lot of whiteboard videos

Three reasons why you should make whiteboard video
Promo video for Instagram – just 1 minute but whole story in it

Ролик для продвижения через Instagram
Promo video for Instagram – just 1 minute but whole story in it

Объясним все доступно!
Whiteboard facilitates perception-it is proved by scientists!

Сделать видео для рассылки клиентам на WhatsApp, Viber и другие мессенжеры

Client instructions for sending via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber and other messengers

Сторителлинг и реклама - можно ли совместить?

In the two-minute video you can tell the whole story

Видео для facebook

Whiteboard is great for promotion in the web

15-20 секундное видео для рекламы мобильного приложения

The shorter video looks like advertising for TV

TakeSale - каталоги Magnum, SMALL, METRO, Ramstore в одном мобильном приложении!

The perception of the whole video depends on the style of the drawings

Видео для сайта

Humor is the best assistant if you need to keep the attention


Sometimes we make animated videos

Студия бизнес-анимации banimator

This is our first commercial. As you can see, our level has grown a lot 🙂

Такой зоопарк нам не нужен!

The script is the basis of any video. Without a quality script will not get a good result