You need a business-cartoon if…

Your clients ask to you or your employees same questions day by day. Free the time to: 1) deal with really difficult cases; 2) sell, instead of repeating the same words. Send the animated instructions in standard situations via messengers or post it on YouTube

You’ve realized that the classic commercial offer doesn’t work anymore and every meeting with a potential customer starts with the same story. Send interesting video instead of usual offer and you will make your sales pitch better

You need effective ways to promote on the Internet. Traditional tools are getting worse. The banner blindness + ad blockers nullify your efforts. Do not burn budgets – video is the best method for today. No blocking. All popular platforms and messengers support video distribution: Instagram, WhatsApp, Google Ads, Facebook and of course YouTube

I realized that I needed a video. But why whiteboard?..

“The simpler the object is, the less effort the brain needs to process and relate to the image,” explains The Draw Shop’s Neuroscientist and Ph.D Carla Clark. “Applying this neuro-psychology to whiteboard videos vs. talking heads, we are wired to pay more attention to the simplicity of whiteboard videos. All the while, this frees up processing power to digest the narrative. The use of the artist’s hand in a whiteboard animation provides a vivid visual progression, where viewers consume this information one step at a time in a logical sequence — which keeps the viewer engaged and prevents the wasteful wandering of attention.”

Four Reasons Why Your Next Marketing Move Should Be A Whiteboard Animation Video

Whiteboard is the best choice in terms of price / quality. You can shoot a “talking head” on a good smartphone for free. But, first, you will have only 8 seconds to capture the viewers attention. Secondly, according to the research results, the whiteboard allows to assimilate information by 49% more effectively. Third, animations are three times more likely to be reposted in social media than videos

You can hire professionals who will shoot you a good video. But you should be prepared for equally “good” prices.
Quality video-is:
1) properly selected “location”;
2) an experienced Director;
3) well-tuned light;
4) a talented operator…
Thus video, by definition, is more expensive
But you don’t need the video itself!
You need to convey certain meanings to the audience. So why you should pay more if you can make a cartoon?


Ролик для продвижения через Instagram
Promo for Instagram – whole story in 1 minute video

Сделать видео для рассылки клиентам на WhatsApp, Viber и другие мессенжеры
Client instructions for sending via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber or other messengers

Видео для facebook
Whiteboard is great for promotion in the web

How it works?

  • Our staff will contact you about payment
  • You will need to fill in the brief
  • Our screenwriter will call to you and conduct an in-depth interview
  • We use lean marketing. We will analyze your business and try to find a unique value proposition. Based on this we will write a script
  • After you approve the final script the artist will start to draw characters. You can confirm any of them at any stage
  • Professional narrator will record the audio track in the studio
  • Designers will finish the cartoon

The entire production process takes (depending on speed of approval at each stage) from ten to twenty days